The Beauty of Punta Mita

According to the World Tourism Organization, Mexico is main touristic attraction in Latin America and tenth most visited country in the world. For this sight, most of the cultural and natural sites that Unesco has classified as World Heritage are the most deserving of it.

Mexico is home to very rare species of rabbits which are otherwise called volcanoes of rabbits. The biggest wild cat in North America Jaguar can be found in the South Mexican Jungle. On the other hand Mexico is home to 50 species of coffin and more species of pelicans.

Touristic experts sad that the famous touristic destination in Mexico and very attractive is Acapulco, located on the coast of the Pacific so far,

But nowadays the primary question is” Is that true”? The fact is that there are chances that exist some other attractions in Mexico that exceed Acapulco by popularity. Some of them is impressive Punta Mita and the punta mita mexico villa rentals.

Globally, Punta Mita have specific terrain which is partly flat and partly hilly. Near the west of this attraction is Ocean. Secondly Puta Mita is recognized for the fact that its highest point is about 114 meters above sea level. Near is placed Corral de Risco, about 3 km closed of Punta Mita so far.

Interesting fact is that, all over the Punta Mita grows forests and very close the Punta Mita there are various peninsulas.

Temperature is  about 25 C and dominate Savann climate. Right weather for swimming is in June when the temperature is about 29 C, but generally every summer month is right, instead of September, which is rainy months.

Visitors said that Punta Mita is a very relaxing place with impressive beach. Instead of swimming, Punta Mita offer to you various activities, such as boarding and visitors can find many attractions in this area. Includiing very beautiful beach and Destiladeras beach. In the town do not miss out on other attractions, including Golf course and Punta Mita Four seasons.

There are some of the places which you should visits in surrounding area

Rancho Mi Chaparrita, La Cruz square, Marina Riviera  Nayarit a la Cruz. La Cruz Saturday Marcet and brillante Sayurita Square

Punta Mita – Where to stay

Weather you are travelling for work or pleasure, Punta Mitta offers something for everyone. There are numerous hotels in this place which offer to you a lot of benefits. It is very easy to find accommodation also for low-budget people.

How to come in Punta de Mita?

Landing the Puerto Vallarta airport, Jalisco ( PVR- Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Odraz intl) 20 min from the city center( about 30 km)

If you want to explore a further away from the main tourist centers, the attraction offer you unforgettable places with beautify and impressive beaches, the remains of ancient civilization , magnificent parks, a natural and unique wildlife. On the other hand it is not easy to distinguish 10 of the most beautiful attractions in Mexico , which includes Punta Mita. Without any doubt, Punta Mita is destination which nobody leaves indifferent

Social Security Form SS-5

It’s mandatory to have a social security card for anyone living in United States whether you are a US citizen, permanent working resident or temporary working resident. This card normally consists of a nine-digit number which is unique to everyone and is normally assigned by the social security administration. For application or replacement of a social security card, SS-5 form must be filled. Generally, SS-5 is a one -page government form that must be filled and submitted through mail or in person when applying for a new social security card or the replacement of the card.

The SS-5 form usually has it’s heading as “Social Security Administration- Application For a Social Security Card”. It requires keen and proper completion with the necessary evidence such as passport, birth certificate attached. Get help at The supporting documents to proof applicant age, identity and citizenship status must be original and no photocopies or notaries copies that hasn’t been certified by the respective agency is accepted. The SS-5 form application doesn’t allow online submission but only through mail or person submission to the Social Security Administration offices. The card processing takes at least 10 working days after SS-5 form submission.

A couple of times one may be needed to fill the SS-5 form. Situations that may require completion of the social security form SS-5 are numerous. Some include:

•Application of an original Social Security Card. This mainly apply to individuals who have never applied for the card before or seeking a job that requires the card. The individual is required to produce two documents to prove their age, US citizenship or work-authorized immigration status. For non-US citizens and individuals with no work authorization prior, a non-valid work reason is required.

•Application of a Social Security Card replacement. This occurs when ones card get lost, damaged or stolen. This requires one document to prove the applicant citizenship. However, card replacement is limited to 10 per lifetime and 3 per year.

•Changing of ones name. This name changing process requires documents for ones identity e.g. birth certificate, support for request change and reason for name change. This may be relevant to individuals who have either married or divorced. The updated card makes its easier changing one’s driving license, bank and employment information.

•Updating ones citizenship status. This may apply to individuals with immigration status such as holding legal residence or green card status citizenship. Applying for the US citizenship, some supporting documents such as work-authorized immigration status are necessary.

• Ones card may have some clerical errors such as misspelt name or wrong entrance of the date of birth. This requires filling of the SS-5 form and attaching a note explaining the changes to be made.

•Filling an SS-5 form to obtain a social security card for either an adopted child or a newborn is necessary. This helps one to easily open financial accounts for the kid. It is advisable to apply the card especially after birth together with the birth certificate.

• One caring for adult dependents might also fill the SS-5 form to obtain the card so that obtaining government support and benefits is easier.

The social security form SS-5 is not complicated thus straight forward to fill. It should be carefully filled with either a black or a blue pen.

Importance of Changing Address at US post office After Moving 


Apart from avoiding unpleasant bills that have been chasing you for a long time, or nagging friends that would just turn up to your houses at any random time, on the flip side,moving houses can be a daunting task, especially if you have lived in the same neighbourhood for a considerable length of time. You’d think after the hustle of packing and hiring things like vans and all that boring stuff stuff that’s part and parcel of moving you’ll just relax and carry on with life as usual. There just happens to be one more thing from

The thing is whilst you’ve physically changed address and you know where you now reside, not everyone does, especially your all important service providers including your bank, your utility providers etc. In short, once you’ve moved homes, it is of outmost importance to notify the people that matter the most of your change of address.

Now at US post offices you can get all of your mail forwarded to your new address for as little as 1$ if you complete the procedure online. Below are some the biggest reasons why getting your mail forwarded to your new address is mandatory action to take when moving to a new place.

Your Bank

There are some things in life you ought to keep private and your financial status is one of them. Your bank statement is probably the only piece of document that gives a picture of your financial health. So if you have recently changed addresses and even just moved at all, never forget to inform your bank otherwise sensitive information about you and your financial status could end up in the wrong hands.

This might even be detrimental if you were to order a new contactless card, only for it to turn up at your old address, with the possibility of being used by the new tenants if they were to open the mail. I’m aware there are some security measures put in place by banks to in the form of you first having to actually manually input your pin code before the contactless facility works but some crooks just know how to work the system and you don’t want to be at their mercy.

Identity Theft

With your details at the new tenants disposal, you are now susceptible to identity fraud. This is the last thing you want to happen to you and this can be avoided by simply changing your address immediately after moving. You can’t afford for crimes to be committed in your name without your knowledge of it.

Utility bills and Council Tax

Your utility providers will continue to send you bills at your old address if you do not let them know you’ve moved. This is usually easily resolved once you let them know but you do not want to deal with the inconvenience of money being taken out of your account through direct debits unexpectedly. Although you can still recover the money in most cases, it’s the hassle of having to prove you’ve actually moved that you do not want to go through.

This can lead to debt collection agencies being involved if you do not respond in time, so your best bet is to inform the water, electric other service providers of your change in address before it gets ugly. Going to the post office just enough for the type of mail.

Traffic And related Offences

This is a true story about a friend of mine who happened to fill up his car with petrol but had forgotten his bank card at his house. He basically didn’t have the facilities to make payment. He had just changed addressed but not yet made it official on his driving license. After failing to pay,the petrol station personnel issued him form to fill, on which he promised to pay for the petrol within a week or so or else they’ll be penalised.

Needless to say, he forgot to make Payment within the week, in the mean time the service station sent out a letter to his address, his old address in this case. He never saw the first letter, which was followed by two other letters threatening recovery action if he didn’t act. He never saw them until debt collector got in touch with him through his phone. He paid a higher price than the initial petrol charge. Not that anyone will commit offences but ensuring your address is updated will mean you will get the most important letters just as they get into your post box.

The unique way of dealing with pain

The use of Pain Patches from is totally a unique way of dealing with pain, with the help of technology your body can restore balance and decrease pain. if your traditional way can’t be working on your favour or you want to try a natural way that is proven then pain patches provide real time pain relief for your hair. Their is no need of pills, no Oder ,and no mess. their will be no sense of pain from your chronic itchy sculpt and head because pain patches are their to give you relief and you will be back on your life in no time. A pain patch is the break through in relief without the help of drugs. Anti-inflammatory patches works specifically on the areas it is applied onto. Once placed on the affected area, what helps in the healing process gets absorbed into the skin. They then move in areas where inflammation is for instance in the muscles. Pain is then relieved reducing inflammation in the muscles.

It is also important to take into account when starting treatment with a drug of these characteristics assess the patient. Patients with edema or with a very profuse sweating, the absorption of the drug can be very diminished, in the first case for lack of absorption and in the second because the patch can be easily peeled off and not maintain the necessary contact with the skin for its good performance.


1. You will not get any side effects

With most drugs, there is always the risk of getting side effects. This is usually due to the composition of the tablet. With a pain patch, you do not get any side effects since they are made using natural pain relieving ingredients. An example is ginger.

2. A pain patch does not contain any chemicals

As seen above, a pain patch is made from natural ingredients. This means you are not putting any chemicals in to your body. Most medication can be addictive due to the chemicals, but the pain patch is not. This makes it safe even for children.

3. It targets the source of the pain

Other pain killers interfere with the pain messages between the brain and the nerves, hence reducing pain. A pain patch on the other end targets the source of the pain. With the natural ingredients, it is able to heal the aching tissues. This could help prevent pain in the future on that part of the body.

There was a 40% improvement when they used lidoderm patch for athritis. Hence considered a great pain reliever. Athritis pain patches are in most cases tolerant but could some times have mild side effects like redness and burning at the local place. If this happens there is need to see the doctor or discontinue use. Extreme allergies could be respiratory problems, shutting of the throat, lips swelling. If this happens seek emergency medical attention as the above mentioned signs could be fatal. Pain patches are used commonly around the globe and most of them work. If you are an active person, one who runs, does sporting or goes to the gym frequently, don’t hesitate to use anti inflammatory patches for best results. Remember to check for the expiry date.

Consideration When Buying a New Home

Having a home is a dream of every person. Everyone is striving to buy a home for the family, but there are many things that you have to consider before making a purchase. It’s often said that, when buying a home, the three most important things to consider are location, location, location. That kind of hyperbole is intriguing. But in real life, the truth is, there is a host of factors that come into play when you’re in the market for a new home. With so many determinants in play, the process of selecting and buying a new home can be trying. The following home buying tips extracted from are offered to help you make the most of your experience.


Yes, although it may not be the only factor, it’s a definite consideration. Families or couples who plan on starting a family, need to pay close attention to the school district. In today’s climate, a history of good test scores isn’t always an adequate indication of a good district. Be sure to ask about any trouble with delinquency, as well as the percentage of graduates who are accepted at four-year colleges. Even if you don’t have children, a good school district is important for resale value. Also consider cultural and recreational opportunities, as well as the proximity of stores and employment opportunities.


No list of home buying tips would be complete without addressing the art of the offer. You may know how much you can pay, but do you know how much the home you’re interested in is worth? Ask your realtor to see listings of homes sold in the neighborhood during the past 23 months, or head to the city clerk’s office to find the sales information yourself. Don’t rely on the asking prices of other houses; they may not reflect the final selling price. Also be sure to ask how long the home has been on the market. Generally, the longer a house has been for sale, the more willing the sellers will be to negotiate.

Get a home inspection

This single tip can potentially save thousands of dollars in costly repairs down the road. Inspection will save you a repair cost and thus its good to ensure that you conduct a a home inspection. Find a reliable firm to conduct the inspection on your behalf.

Know the neighbourhood

When you see a home you like, be sure to explore the neighborhood to see who else – and what else – is in the area. Your street may have lovely homes, but a block over, there may be vacant buildings or a noisy business or highway. You need to find a home that have a conducive environment for you and your family.

Above all, take your time. Purchasing a home is a major life decision and need to be given a lot of attention. You don’t need to regret once you have purchased a home and thus why you need time and keenness . These home buying tips can help you find the home you want at the price you can afford.